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Work from Home in Covid 19 Lockdown: Article 2

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

One of the key ways to fight any viral infection is to do two things – a) increase your immunity and b) expand your lung capacity (to take in more oxygen). There are many ways to do both independent of each other. But one way to do both together is with Pranayama. This is just a Sanskrit term that describes the control of one’s breadth and has no religious or other connotation. I have been practicing this for about 10 years now and it has been a critical tool in fighting medication for high blood pressure. I don’t take any.

Given the isolation and the restriction of movement, I want to offer this to all of you. Would you like to join me every morning for just 20 minutes? I will walk you through the 5 different types of pranayama that stimulate internal organs including the heart. It brings down anxiety, calms the mind and boosts your natural immunity. If you would like to join me over MS Teams, please simply send me an email and choose any time between 7 am and 8 am. I will find slots that work for the majority.

(Videos coming soon)

Stay indoors, stay safe and stay healthy.

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