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Being CEO: Everything You Want To Know 

Spotify Podcast Series

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Vivek Mehra hosts a series of short sessions aimed at giving aspiring CEOs a behind-the-scenes look. Each episode will come with real life situations and examples. The idea is to de-mystify the title and individuals who hold it. More often than not, CEOs are put on a pedestal forgetting that at the end of the day, they are human too. 

               Introducing Being CEO, the Podcast About the Human and the Role
This episode is an introduction to the series. The idea is to anchor a series that talks                                    about the role without technical jargon. It also focuses on the human side of CEOs.

                Introducing the Role and the Human Behind It
                Here, I introduce the obvious and not so obvious part of a CEO's role. I talk about                 
                    stakeholder management and lay the foundation of two distinct ways to approach the CEO's                      position. For the first time I talk about Western and the Eastern School of Management Thought.

                West Vs East Management Styles
                In this episode I discuss the predominant model of management that a CEO encounters.                              Management as a formal discipline is a creation of the West. However, there was a different                      sort of management in the East that predates the Western style.


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