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Vivek Mehra 
Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.
About Vivek:
Vivek Mehra is the CEO and Managing Director of SAGE publications India, a Great Place to Work certified organisation. He is also a TEDx speaker, a mentor to start-ups, an author, a workshop trainer, a student of law, a fan of squash and yoga.
In February 2019, The New Delhi Institute of Management awarded him the Business Excellence and Innovative Best Practices Academia Award. Before that in 2016, Sharda University conferred him with the “Sharda Top Rankers Excellence Award for Visionary Leadership”.  Vivek is also the recipient of the “Vijayshree” award by Government of Maharashtra, awarded in 1994, for simplifying complex dehydrating technology, ensuring a brighter future for small-scale farmers.
Vivek serves as the honorary Council Member and Member of Board Studies for the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers’ (ALPSP) journal, Learned Publishing. He also serves as the Board Studies Member at the All India Management Association (AIMA). He has edited and typeset 14 books besides authoring one courseware Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering. He was visiting faculty at Ambedkar University Delhi and taught courses at the Post Graduate level.
He is currently a Board of Studies member at the School of Business, Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship at Ambedkar University Delhi and is also a part of the Quality Assurance Committee at the same university. He was also the lead in the creation and development of an editing course at Neotia University, Kolkata.
In July 2013, he self-published his maiden novel, ‘Seven Shades of Grey’ a fictional story of lives intertwined and reality blurred, originally written in 1999, which no publisher wanted to publish.
He has served as the Vice President, Association of Publishers in India and is on the committee of CII and FICCI on IPR, Copyright and Higher Education.
Vivek holds an MBA in Marketing from Columbia University, New York and a B.Sc. in Textile Technology from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. In 2018 the University of London, awarded him a Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law in addition to the Post Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law awarded in 2017.
In the words of Vivek: Between the (public) professional life and the very deep and private recesses of my brain lies a universe of thoughts, actions and beliefs. These have been shaped by events, people and perhaps Karma. It's this universe I seek to put in words.
In this blog, I share all of this and more, viewed through different lenses and perspectives. While I talk about life, I also touch upon publishing, the future of education and complexities of intellectual property law.
Write to me at, if you have a question. I'd be happy to interact. 

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