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Update: The state of our education - a parent's case study

Some time ago I wrote about the state of our education describing how the school my daughter previously attended didn't care. You can read that article Here.

I hate it when I am right. 

The school is back in the news and its the same trip I didn't send my daughter on. 

Here is the news article referring to the harrowing time the children had in Paris. Its true that Air India didn't do what it needed to do. But even a rudimentary traveler is aware of travel insurance that is designed for just such emergencies. Lost flights, canceled flights, lost luggage are all part of today's travel risks. All the school had to do was get some extra insurance and the costs would have been covered. Lets even pause for a moment and agree that they didn't have any insurance. Couldn't the school have taken the decision to foot the room and board of the children only to have it recovered from the parents? 

Parents who have sent their school children on this trip can easily afford a night's stay. I watched parent after parent go on TV to chastise Air India and they should. But not for a moment did someone state that a simple call from the airport that the flight is delayed for 24 hours and if a night's stay could be covered by the parents would have eased the pain of the children. 

I reiterate what I have oft repeated - schools have stopped caring. Parents need to be more proactive and not be subservient to schools. I don't mean parents have to get belligerent, argumentative but they must ask questions and get into details. I feel sorry for the children. As a person who travels a lot I know how miserable staying at the airport could be. This time it was without food or water. Paris airport is not a railway station and there are sufficient remedies available to go out of the security zone to get food and water. While Air India cannot be let off on this issue, the school should also be held accountable. 

Sadly, I know they won't be. 

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