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My Curious Friend

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

This morning while doing pranayama I didn't notice my friend Arrow come and sit in front of me. As my breathing moved from its normal state to the different pranayama ones, my friend clearly became distressed. He thought something was wrong. He first looked in my direction to see if I was coming back to being normal. When that didn't happen he got up and nuzzled in my hand.

I tried to move him away but he refused to listen. He whined and then start licking my palm. His eyes spoke volumes of the concern he had and his inability to express it. He placed his head in my lap and used his paw to calm me. I had to stop what I was doing and had to console him. I hugged him close to me and reassured him that I was fine. There was a lump in my throat as I felt him gently lick my hand.


That was the end of this morning's attempt at pranayama. It reminded me of the many voiceless beings who silently care about you. Some are more forthcoming about their actions; others choose to silently go about doing what they need to. Dogs have an uncanny way of showing affection that is perhaps second to none. That doesn't mean we as humans don't. I am reminded of leaders who have thousands of followers. They can't establish connections with each one of them but that doesn't take away the love and caring that each feels in their own way.

Today Arrow reminded me of the value of friendship and caring. Whether it is at home or at work do remember the countless who silently care for you. They may not always be visible and even if they are they may never be able to express what they feel. That doesn't change the fact that they care.

Thank you Arrow for coming into my life and reminding me of the little things that matter.

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