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Forget the Strategy PowerPoint

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This is an interesting way of looking at PowerPoint presentations. I have heard a prominent Indian consultant say “In PowerPoint Presentations, there is no Power and no Point; hence I don’t use it.” I for one don’t believe that PowerPoint cannot make a powerful point. I question the creation of many presentations. While I respect John Kotter’s point of view here, I seriously think the true use of PowerPoint is being forgotten. It was never a tool to replace powerful notes or creative documents; it wasn’t intended to. PowerPoint and any other slide presenter is a very useful and creative tool to engage audiences, to leave them a visual message and most importantly to ensure a message is effectively conveyed. I have used PowerPoint very effectively. While posting them on sharing slides I have had more than 4500 views of about 15 presentations. That is significant considering that most of these are related to courses I teach. I invite comments on this blog and on my thoughts. – Vivek Mehra

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