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Dr Pritam Singh - the star forever

Guru Gobind Dono Khade, Ka Ke lagoon Paye,

Balihari Guru Aapne, Jyon Gobind diyo bataye

Loosely translated it means

My Guru and the Lord standing before me, who should I first pay my respects to?

I bow to you my Guru, because you helped me reach my Lord.

In each of our lives, irrespective of nation, creed, or religious belief there is at least one person who shows us the meaning of life. In this meaning of life, is the supreme truth that transcends all barriers that separate us. It is in this meaning, that the Lord resides. For me Dr Pritam Singh was such a man. Nay, is such a man. His body may have passed but he lives in me because what he taught me will never leave me. He was a Guru in the classical sense because he showed me the path to find myself. He needed to discard his body, and even though I understand that, I cannot help grieve at this loss. I didn’t know him for very long, but in the short period I couldn’t help but become a disciple. I became a disciple of his humility, of his grace, of his wisdom and most of all the compassionate human inside a mortal shell. He has left a mark so deep that I don’t think there will be another who would come close. In 20 years he was the only human being, besides my parents in Varanasi, before whom I bowed. Somewhere in the heavens is a star called Dr Pritam Singh. I search for him every minute that I can. Sometimes he descends to be close to me in the form of my tears.

Guruji, who am I to pay any tribute to you. I share these thoughts here because I know on this planet you have left behind a tribe of your disciples. It is with this tribe, that I grieve, and it is with this tribe that I celebrate the fact that you touched our lives in a way few humans can… Om shanti!

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