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A New Beginning

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

As a year (2016) readies to say goodbye it is normal to reminisce and be grateful for many things. It is also the time to look forward and think about what can and will be.

I don’t want to dwell on the past because it can’t be changed. I have learnt to let go and not get overly emotional (positively or negatively) at that which is gone forever (the year). There is however a lot to be thankful about. The most important of all is to be thankful that I am alive and healthy. This is perhaps the greatest lesson learnt over the last two years and not something that was unique to 2016.

I am thankful that there are many folks who think I made a difference in their life. It only reminds me of the responsibilities I carry. It cautions me to tread carefully in the minefield of decision making. It warns me that I am constantly under scrutiny. But most of all it doesn’t deter me from doing what I should be doing. We spend most of our lives fearful of consequences whereas the fear is only in our minds.

I remember those that have passed on because it reminds me that one day I will too. Death is perhaps the greatest leveler and instead of fearing it, somewhere I think it is worth embracing, when it arrives. And one day it will arrive. The memories I hold are to cherish what these folks were to me and in many ways, they continue to be alive because I think of them. There are a handful who are too painful to remember and it is best they are let go.

I have often heard people talk about their New Year Resolutions and I have never really understood this phenomenon. Curiously I resolved to do something this week and by the time I implement it, it will be the New Year. Whether a New Year Resolution or just a resolution that happens to be in the New Year, I resolve to write at least once a week. Writing is a passion and over the last couple of years, time has not allowed me to pursue this passion. It is less about receiving accolades but more about learning. I learn from the comments and the views these posts get. I learn what people like or dislike. I learn that sharing is the greatest learning of all.

There aren’t many other resolutions that I dwell on. I would like life to surprise me.

I am not a soothsayer nor a guru who could give you some sage advice. I am perhaps a realist and a positive being. I like to spread cheer by my actions and deeds. Here is my message for you on this the last Friday of 2016 – Be good, be safe, be happy but most of all feel alive.

Happy 2017

Thank God it’s Friday…

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