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Vivek Mehra

Hello, I am the CEO and Managing Director of SAGE publications India, a TEDx speaker, a mentor to start-ups, an author, a workshop trainer, a student of law, a fan of squash and yoga. 

I am a closeted Indologist, and I love everything about this country of mine. I lived overseas for many years and I continue to travel and yet, the love for this fascinating nation, only continues to grow. Tell me a dozen things that are wrong about our country and I will tell you a dozen more that are right. I am not a fatalist or a pessimist I claim to be a rational optimist.

I excel at building teams and building careers. Passion for learning drives me constantly. The words of sages and learned men continue to engage me. My path of discovery is a never-ending one. And that’s perhaps the strongest reason to know me.


Know more about me on the 'About' section on this blog.


Thank you for visiting! 

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